Dressing up nude

We have teamed up with the beautiful team of creatives over at 'dressing up nude' to bring you a unique life drawing experience. Taking place in a variety of different forms including one off workshops, private parties, hen parties, and corporate events. Please contact us for more information on up and coming workshops or to arrange a booking.

'Life drawing for those who want a bit more than skin. The human form has been a artists prime subject for years. Fascinated by the curves, crevices, and bends we have put life models in more positions then the karma sutra simply to understand both its ugliness and its beauty. We have adorned them with silks and velvets to watch them hug and hold the hidden form. Dressing up Nude aims to explore it all from the simple nude human form to lavish, costumed bodies and all in between. You dress the model (or not), you set the scene, you direct the pose. We also give you the chance (if you want) to be the model, experience the difference in how you hold yourself in a top hat and tails or a simple piece of fabric. Modelling or drawing, explore the beautiful human form!'