Our Story

Rumpelstiltskin was founded in 2012 by Anna Dixon.
With a fascination in the theatre world since before she can remember Anna began her path as a performer. After completing a degree at Dartington College in devising, performing and writing theatre, Anna began to take an interest in how costume can be a valuable tool when devising a production. Then grew a fascination in how a character can be revealed through simply the cloth on their backs and she began to play with the design and construction of costume for performance. After undertaking a postgraduate course in costume in 2010 she began her career as a costumier.
Still maintaining a love for the limelight Anna has continued performance work alongside her costume career, most recently working as the witch at somerset's show caves, Wookey Hole.

At Rumpelstiltkin our mission is to provide thoughtfully designed and stunningly crafted garments using techniques comparable to those found in the wardrobe departments of the top theatres in the country.